andrew ciobanasiu is a Designer who can't stop tinkering


I’m learning.

I stick to this frame of thinking in everything that I do. Every single project I’ve ever worked on has been an opportunity to pick up something I didn't know before. What started as a task of necessity quickly spiraled into an obsession.

Simply put: I have to be learning when I’m working. It keeps me engaged—regardless of what I might be working on—and allows me to remain completely open to discovery along the way.

This site features some of the work that I've been doing for the past year or so. I'm going to write about what I learned a little bit at a time. Eventually I'll muster up the courage to post some of my ramblings to Medium.

It will definitely be cringe-y at times, especially as I try to undo the damage Rickyisms did to my vocabulary. But I'd like to get better at explaining my thinking. Seems to me like this is a good way to do it.

I made this site using some cool stuff with help from cool people.

Make fun of me and my big dumb face or maybe let me know if you liked something.