Marketing & informational web portal redesign

Screenshot of website

The initial project I was brought on for was a redesign of a core informational marketing website. More than a typical marketing site, the content needed to meet requirements from the healthcare industry, state, and federal government.

Complex display rules and a custom-built CMS made for a very interesting design challenge to tackle.

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(Figma prototype, large screen/desktop recommended)

Redesigned digital products

Stylized Cambia digital product screens

We’re currently focusing on up-leveling our digital experiences across the board. This is an effort coordinated across numerous companies and organizations at Cambia.

Initially spearheaded by a design exploration I created to re-imagine one of our product experiences across web and app platforms, our teams explored the possibility of leveraging momentum made by an emergent product in our portfolio to re-vamp other areas of business.

So far, the integration progress across multiple technologies is acting as a driving force behind iterating our digital product experiences. We are rapidly improving a systematized design/development process and are considering our work an initial contribution to a multi-brand, multi-platform design system.

The goal is to create a system that will unlock and facilitate transformation for years to come.

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Multi-platform, multi-brand design system

Every day we’re continuously elevating experiences for millions of people.

In addition to building and improving our portfolio of accessibility driven products, I’m spending a good part of my time collaborating with teams across the organization to author and establish our multi-brand multi-platform design system (yep, a mouthful).

The processes, tools, and workflows were building enables designers and engineers to focus on what really matters: helping people manage their health.

Case study available on request